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    Registration of Real Estate Projects- All new real estate projects with an area exceeding a specified threshold are required to be registered with Maha RERA. The threshold for registration may vary depending on the state’s rules. Developers must provide comprehensive details of the real estate project to Maha RERA. This includes project location, layout plans, carpet area, amenities, timeline for completion, etc. Developers are required to provide regular updates on the progress of the project, including the status of construction and expected completion timelines. Developers must comply with the guidelines and regulations laid down by Maha RERA. This includes transparency in project marketing, use of funds, and adherence to construction timelines. Failure to register the project or comply with Maha RERA regulations may result in penalties for the developer.

    Quarterly update provision for each project- Updates must be submitted every quarter, i.e., four times a year. The quarters are typically divided as per the calendar year. Developers are required to furnish details about the current status of construction work, the percentage of completion, and any changes or delays in the project’s timeline. Information regarding the utilization of funds collected from homebuyers for the project must be provided. This ensures transparency in financial transactions related to the project. Any changes to the project plan or specifications must be disclosed in the quarterly update. This helps buyers stay informed about any modifications made during the project’s development. Developers must adhere to the stipulated timeline for submitting quarterly updates. This ensures that homebuyers receive regular information about the project’s progress as per the schedule.

    Extension of Real Estate Projects- Developers can apply for an extension of the project completion date if they encounter unavoidable circumstances that are beyond their control. These circumstances may include delays caused by natural disasters, regulatory approvals, or any other factors beyond the developer’s influence. To obtain an extension, the developer is required to apply to the Maha RERA authority, detailing the reasons for the delay and providing evidence to support the request for extension. The Maha RERA authority will review the application for extension and assess the validity of the reasons cited by the developer. The decision to grant an extension is made based on the merit of the case. Maha RERA may grant a reasonable extension based on the nature of the delay. The extension provided should be adequate to complete the project without compromising the interests of homebuyers. If an extension is granted, the developer is required to inform all the homebuyers of the project about the new completion timeline within a specified time frame. If the developer fails to complete the project within the extended timeline without valid reasons, penalties may be imposed by Maha RERA.

    Complaints Filing-  Any aggrieved homebuyer or investor who has invested in a real estate project registered under Maha RERA can file a complaint. The complaint can be related to issues such as delay in project completion, deviation from the approved plans, unfair practices, or any violation of the RERA rules and regulations. Maha RERA has an online portal where complainants can register their complaints. The portal is user-friendly and enables easy access to the complaint registration process. Along with the complaint form, the complainant needs to attach supporting documents such as the sale agreement, payment receipts, correspondence with the developer, and any other relevant evidence that supports the complaint. Based on the evidence and arguments presented during the hearing, Maha RERA will pass appropriate orders to resolve the complaint. The orders may include directions to the developer to rectify the issue, refund money with interest, or impose penalties for any violation of RERA norms Maha RERA aims to resolve complaints in a time-bound manner to ensure timely justice to the aggrieved parties