SPA Department

  • Tree Felling/Trimming/Replantation- Tree felling, trimming, and replantation in MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation) areas are governed by environmental regulations and policies to ensure responsible management of trees and vegetation. Any activity related to tree felling, trimming, or replantation within MIDC areas requires approval and adherence to the guidelines set by the relevant authorities.
  • Combined Plan Approval- The development project, such as architectural plans, structural plans, electrical plans, plumbing plans, fire safety plans, and any other relevant plans. This consolidated approach streamlines the approval process by considering all components simultaneously
  • Intimation Plinth Completion- Intimation of Plinth Completion (IOPC) is a process in MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation) where the industrial unit informs the corporation about the completion of the plinth of their building or structure. Plinth refers to the base or foundation of a building, and IOPC is a critical step during the construction phase
  • Occupancy Certificate- Obtaining an Occupancy Certificate is a critical step in the construction process and is necessary before occupying or commencing operations in the industrial unit or building. The OC ensures that the property is safe, habitable, and adheres to the necessary standards
  • Application for stacking of building material & debris- MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation) may vary based on the local rules and regulations. Stacking of building material and debris on industrial plots or construction sites is subject to environmental and safety regulations to ensure proper disposal and prevent any adverse impacts on the environment and nearby areas.
  • e-Intimation for Commencement of work- MIDC (Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation) used to inform the authorities about the commencement of construction or any other development activities within an industrial plot or area. It is a critical step that ensures compliance with regulations and allows the authorities to monitor and oversee the progress of the project

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