Technical Advisor Department

  • Technical Advisor Department- Services – Providing technical evaluations of industrial projects, assessing their feasibility, and offering guidance in the planning phase. Assisting businesses in understanding and complying with building codes, zoning regulations, and other technical requirements for construction and development. Offering expertise on infrastructure development, including roads, utilities, and facilities. Providing advice on environmental regulations, sustainability practices, and environmental impact assessments. Assisting businesses in implementing safety protocols, fire safety measures, and emergency response plans.
  • IT SEZ Department- Services- Planning and developing the necessary infrastructure, such as IT parks, office spaces, and technology facilities, to attract IT companies. Allocating land to IT companies or developers for setting up IT facilities within the SEZ. Providing a single point of contact for IT companies to obtain all necessary approvals and clearances required for their operations. Informing IT companies about the incentives, tax benefits, and other concessions offered by the government within the IT SEZ to encourage investments and growth. Providing support services to IT companies, such as networking opportunities, training programs, and skill development initiatives

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